What does a Computer Systems Analyst do?

A Computer Systems Analyst is an IT professional who specializes in the analysis, design, and implementation of an information system for a company or organization.  What a Computer Systems Analyst does is assess the suitability of informational systems in terms of their intended outcome and liaise with end users, venders, system administers, programmers. Systems Analysts are often the company’s best line of defense against an internal or external IT disaster.  The role of this type of analyst within an IT project is to serve as the change agent who can identify the organizational needs, design a system to implement the requirements of the project, and train others to use the system once developed. Computer Systems Analyst must be familiar with a wide range of:

  • programming languages
  • operating systems
  • hardware platforms

However, they do not participate in actual hardware or software development.

Other responsibilities include:

  • developing cost analysis
  • design considerations
  • staff impact amelioration
  • implementations timelines

One the most important tools a Computer Systems Analyst have is the system development life cycle.  Once a development project gains necessary approvals from all participants, the System Analyst’s stage can begin.  Information can be gathered about the existing system in order to determine the requirements for an enhanced system or a brand new system.  The end product of this stage, known as a deliverable, is a tangible or intangible object that can be delivered to a customer.

Salary range in 2013

  • $63,860 to $ 102,480


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Computer Science
  • Information Science


  • Technical knowledge
  • Oral & written communication
  • Understanding of the business or organization daily operations
  • Critical thinking skills

Of the skills I have listed, there are two skills in which I would like to go into more detail are critical thinking and communication skills, something that is not addressed in most IT programs. First of all, communication skills are vital to any type of position, in particular a system analysis must interact with people at all levels within an organization from operational employees to senior executives, and outside the company which may include hardware & software venders, customers, and government officials. Lastly, important critical thinking skills ability to

  • Compare
  • Classify
  • Evaluate
  • recognize patterns
  • analyze cause-and-effect
  • apply logic


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