Modeling, Analysis, and Design

What is a model?

A model is a way of expressing a software design in some form of abstract language or pictures. One person’s representation of an object might differ from someone else’s. Developers try to design different designs various of a model and decide which will be best for the final solution. An object modeling language such as UML is used to develop and express the software design. Designing a model can be challenging depending on how complex or how many features it may have. There might be dozens of models to choose from. An effective modeler needs to choose the appropriate ones.


What is Analysis?

Analysis is a process of discovery whose purpose is to understand the customer’s needs and requirement An Analysis must describe the functional specification about what precisely what the system must do to meet its requirements.

  • Requirements
  • Data Definitions
  • Decision tables
  • How a system should work
  • Identify classes and their relationship and behavior


What is Design?

Design is a blueprint to produce a solution to a problem, summarized by the requirements specification. It should always describe how the system is to perform its tasks to meet the specification. The design of algorithms takes in to account the details of each component, using a programming language or pseudo code.